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Kapok main di youtube ? coba Youtube Alternatif Adsense 2017

Youtube Alternatif Adsense 2017

Youtube Alternatif Adsense 2017

Hai sobat perampokgoogle sudah pada capek ya main youtube selalu kena baned ? Hmmm sobat jangan khawatir apa lagi bingung coba deh alternatif youtube dibawah ini siapa tahu kamu lebih hoki disini.

Emang akhir akhir ini, Youtube ganas banget yak ! Punya saya juga kena babat padahal video tidak ada yang reupload atau yang lainya tapi tetap aja dianggap spam atau yang lainya hal hal seperti ini bisa saja terjadi tanpa pemberitahuan email resmi dari youtube ntar pas sobat buka channel tiba tiba udah nggak ada aja lagi HuuufT Miris, Kadang karena Dislike yang terlalu besar dibanding Like channel juga bisa di baned loh


 Contract Length: No lock-in
 Channel Types: All types
 Requirements: 1,000 views in last 30 days
 Revenue Share: 70%
 Payment Methods: Paypal and Bank Transfer
 Min. payout: 5$
 Payment Term: Daily Payments!

Yoola/VSP Group
 Contract Length: No lock-in
 Channel Types: All types
 Requirements: 3k views, 150 subscribers, min. 7 videos
 Perks: Epidemic Sound
 Revenue Share: 70-80%
 Payment Methods: Webmoney (WMR,WMZ), PayPal, Payoneer, VISA/MasterCard, Unistream, Western Union, MoneyGram, (cash withdrawal at service points).
 Min. payout: 1$
 Payment Term: NET30

Contract Length: No lock-in
 Channel Types: All types
 Requirements: No Requirements, Case by case
 Perks: Epidemic Sound, Epoxy, Graphic Design, Spreadshirt discounts.
 Revenue Share: 70-95%
 Payment Methods: PayPal and Wire Transfer
 Min. payout: 0
 Payment Term: NET45

 Contract Length: No lock-in
 Channel Types: All types
 Requirements: No Copyright content
 Perks: Audio Micro Library, Epidemic Sounds, Epoxy, Spreadshirt discounts, GFX Templates and tons of other sponsorships, Shiny Dashboard with lot of information and tools/guides.
 Revenue Share: 60-95%
 Payment Methods: PayPal
 Min. payout: 0.01$
 Payment Term: NET60

Zoomin Tv
 Contract Length: No lock-in
 Channel Types: All types
 Requirements: 9k views
 Perks: Audio Micro Library, Epidemic Sounds & Game Referral Program
 Revenue Share: 70%
 Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank transfer, Payza and Western Union
 Min. payout: 1$ for Paypal and Payza & $150 for Bank transfer and Western Union
 Payment Term: NET45

- ScaleLab/VouStudios
Revenue Share  :  65%
Company will pay Content Provider its share of all Revenue due to Content Provider hereunder, if any, on a monthly basis in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, within thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar month; provided that if the money payable is less than one dollar (US$1) in any given month, then Company need not make payment to Content Provider hereunder until such time as there is an aggregate of at least one dollar (US$1) due and payable to Content Provider hereunder.
- BBTV/BroadbandTV

 minimum 10,000 monthly views
- Fullscreen

 Share : 70-80%
- Iricom

Am I eligible to join?

Our Network is for youtubers who are committed to content creation, regardless of the channel’s genre. Channel must meet a minimum amount of viewers, subscribers and activity. We take other factors into consideration, such as uniqueness of content and frequency of uploading
Payments via : PayPal, Webmoney or bank transfers
- Bent Pixels


Payments are processed on a 45-day schedule. For example, revenue earned in the month of January is paid in on the 15th of March. All payments are sent through PayPal, and any PayPal fees are covered by Bent Pixels.


Yes, Bent Pixels has a Daily Motion network, and works with Magic Links and Spreadshirt to create other lines of revenue for partners. BP also offers 100% of any contributions made through YouTube’s fan funding feature. Channels showing a dedication to great content and YouTube best practices may also qualify for hands-on assistance from our Audience Development team with brokering brand integration and Influencer marketing opportunities.  We strive to make our channels stand out and to secure interest from brands and advertisers. We always work to support new platform revenue opportunities for our creator partners, such as Facebook video.   To become a Bent Pixels partner,
- RPM, part of Maker

Via PayPal
Min payments : $50
- Cnation

rev sharenya 90%
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