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How to write a good blog article quality on blogger or wordpress?

How to make a good blog article quality?

How to write a good blog article quality on blogger or wordpress?

How to make a good blog article quality?

Whether your articles can give a way out of a problem or just simply ' well written '?

Let's continue the discussion about the steps and how to make a great article.

A great article that is like what?
In my opinion, is simple: a great article is a useful article.

In the early days of blogging, I read many other blogs (still until now), I also read a lot of books. I ' am happy and entertained ' read it, but I'm not getting something I can apply.

Furthermore, I often see (also read) many authors top serving instructions and direction of problem solving that looks ' fabulous '. The direction that sounds good, but not when applied to even solve the problem, but would instead make things worse.

In other words:

Good articles are articles that works well, not only to readers, but also for the authors themselves!

A good article, not just writing that ' charmed ' readers, but the article is able to give real benefits. A useful article is an article which helps you reach your goals!

And then, how to make a good article?

Some of these things need attention:

1. The length of the writing

Write down all you need it. Write down all parses all what you want to convey. No less, no more!

Often you can trim the sentences and words that are not necessary, dispose of it. Create a fixed, simple writing, but can convey the contents properly. In my opinion, there is no benchmark how Word Count minimum for a good piece of writing. Some people say a minimum of 300, 500 or 700 words. In my opinion it is not.

Write down any round, or as short as any, if able to give real solutions completely, it is a good article. The use of words and sentences that don't need to be, it doesn't make the article be more nice.

2. Grammar and spelling

Learn to use the grammar and spelling is good (I myself am still learning). Write the spelling was not standardized, it won't help much unless your audience is very specific (community youth slang for example).

Unless you're writing a scientific journal, using the grammar and spelling are flexible (but still pay attention to the rules of the language) is one of the factors that make a tasty ' writing ' to enjoy.

However, this does not mean you have to strictly use the grammar and spelling are very raw. Write with too Harken with grammar and spelling standard strictly, can also make writing become very ' stiff ' and monotonous.

Punctuation is also not to be forgotten. I own every time finished writing always like to read it again from beginning to end to check for spelling and grammar problems.

3. Lightly read

The use of a grammar, phrase, term, parable, or improper spelling and overload will quickly make a visitor stop reading immediately. Keep writing to keep it light and easy to digest into something very very important.

If people are not able to digest, interpret and implement solutions or instruction in your writing, then you have failed to present a nice article.

Divide the article long enough to be some subtitles. Use illustrations, images and format text (bold, italic, underline and others) in order to clarify the contents. Use sentences that are not too long. And Lastly, as a test, read aloud your writing like you talk: upcoming be heard?

4. Topic

Of course, the topic is something important in his writing. Write about what you love to do, about what you feel comfortable with the topic.

5. the stylistics

Writing and writing style in a way that is well understood by your audience is another important thing. An understanding of different people in the digest a piece of writing, there is the need to Customize Your posts with your audience. Maybe you need some time for adjustment and looking for the right style.

6. The intonation

As well as verbal language, the language of the writings also have the intonation, depending on the purpose of its author. There was a positive tone, there was a tone of the ruled. There is a satirical intonation, there is peace, there are friendly, some are confrontational, opposite, vulgar, impressed covered and more.

Adjust the intonation with the purpose of writing. Keep practicing until you find that fit the character of your own. I myself prefer a positive tone, and always invite people to think positive (or you find another intonation in the writings of mine?)

7. Quotations

Have you ever felt has found a topic but did not begin to write, just because you can't find references that could be cited? I frequent.

But now I realized it was a mistake. Citing the opinions of others (especially seo.  

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